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Now more than ever, positive masculinity is a priority as our culture heals and rids itself of toxic masculinity. Companies and other groups are looking for ways to help enlighten and educate their folks. We are here to help with workshops that can enlighten, educate, and create positive change for all. 

We design our workshops for groups of ten to hundreds of participants. They last from two hours to a day, depending on the subject matter and how deep the group wants to give into it. We use slides and interactive exercises and break into smaller groups for some sections to help folks integrate what they are learning. We make learning fun and active in a friendly way that allows learners to open their hearts and minds

Custom Workshops

If your company or group is facing some specific challenges that you would like us to address, we can customize a workshop for you. The workshop would specifically deal with the issues and obstacles holding your group back from reaching your goals. For us to do this, we need you and your group to define the problems and obstacles clearly and give us as much information about them as possible. We would also need a buy-in to participate from all of the members of your group.

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