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Product Manager


Part Time

About the Role

• Develop products by identifying potential products, conducting market research, generating product requirements, determining specifications, production timetables, and time-integrated plans for product introduction.
• Determines customers’ needs and desires by specifying the research needed to obtain market information.
• Recommends the nature and scope of present and future product lines by reviewing product specifications and requirements, appraising new product ideas, and product or packaging changes.
• Assesses market competition by comparing the company’s product to competitors’ products.
• Works with marketing and sales departments to ensure product success and market growth.
• Responsible for managing and implementing marketing activities through research, strategic planning, and implementation.
• Attend team and senior meetings as required.


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are required since the Product Manager has to communicate with team members, other departments, upper management, and consumers of the company's products

  • Expertise in the product or market, including specific technical or industry knowledge.

  • Superior project management and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to maintain a keen attention to detail, multitask and work well under pressure

  • Natural tendency to be curious, positive, and creative

  • Team player who collaborates well with others

  • Sincere empathy for the customer and a commitment to delving deep into the challenges they present or experience

  • Enthusiastic and grateful to have the opportunity to work with us!

  • A Positive Product Management Specialist!

About the Company

With over 30 years in gender education combined, Co-Founders Mac Scotty McGregor and
Drew Griffin started Positive Masculinity for heart-led masculine folks who want to create a
transformative path for masculinity in our world.
Our ultimate goal is to thrive on being our best possible selves. We offer private groups and
workshops that provide a safe space to address how societal expectations and conditioning
have affected us; as we strive to create a masculine model that is healthy and mutually
To learn more, please go to to read more
about Mac and the team’s stories.

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