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Communication Specialist


Part Time

About the Role

● Promote our book “Positive Masculinity NOW,” which is launching in the next few
● Write press releases for 400+ digital distribution and pitch stories to writers to get our
content out to the world.
● Communicate, pitch, and book Mac for podcasts and feature stories.
● Create and improve new processes for communication within and between team
● Build relationships and brand awareness between Positive Masculinity and our target
● Draft, edit, proofread and revise communications.
● Establish and maintain relationships with media outlets.
● Collaborate with all of our future teams – Brand Marketing Specialists, Graphic
Designers, Digital Video Specialists, to name a few.
● Attend team and senior meetings, as needed


● Adaptable to changes in projects and priorities and can handle multiple tasks.

● Excellent in verbal and written communication, email etiquette, the Internet, and Google


● Highly motivated, detail-oriented, reliable, and organized.

● Able to work independently with minimum supervision and attend video conferencing

meetings whenever needed.

● Enthusiastic and grateful to have the opportunity to work with us!

● Tech-savvy and own a computer with reliable access to an Internet connection.

About the Company

With over 30 years in gender education combined, Co-Founders Mac Scotty McGregor and
Drew Griffin started Positive Masculinity for heart-led masculine folks who want to create a
transformative path for masculinity in our world.
Our ultimate goal is to thrive on being our best possible selves. We offer private groups and
workshops that provide a safe space to address how societal expectations and conditioning
have affected us; as we strive to create a masculine model that is healthy and mutually
To learn more, please go to to read more
about Mac and the team’s stories.

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