Small Group Coaching Sessions

Available in person at scheduled times in the Seattle Area and Virtually.

Coaching Level 1 - The Man Mask & Man Box

Six weeks of 90-minute sessions (No more than 10 per group)

A full, in-depth examination of individual masculine socialization. The group will focus on deconstructing the modeling and messaging we had around what it means to be a man and how we are expected to act. This is a deep dive into role models and messaging, received from family, coaches, teachers, ministers, and community. Then we examine how that conditioning has unconsciously influenced our life and behavior. Our goal is to start consciously seeing how we can make choices for ourselves and what serves us in our lives.  This group will investigate the old tools that are in your man-box and replace them with new and effective tools that will lead to building healthy relationships.  This group is a safe and supportive container where we will work side by side in creating a better path.

Coaching Level 2 - Masculine Communication & Relationships

Six weeks of 90-minute sessions (No more than 10 per group)

This group will work on transforming communication in career, with colleagues, friends, kids, and family.  We will learn active listening skills, how vulnerability is a sign of strength.  We will investigate healthy boundaries while practicing respecting the boundaries of others. Consent and the many levels of consent will help us learn consideration of others in relationships. Through role play and practicing new ways of communicating, we will learn how to uncover what is underneath the surface. This group's primary objective is to understand, transform and rebuild the way we handle relationships and communication.

Coaching Level 3 - The Masculine Career

Six weeks of 90-minute sessions (No more than 10 per group)

In this group we will determine who we are, dismantling the idea that we are what we do. Examining that concept and figuring out if what we are doing measures up to core values. Part of this group process includes doing a core values test and an individual probe into how those core values affect your life and career.  We will explore your career life balance and make plans that fit into our core values and desires. The primary objective of this group is to find the balance between doing and being so that we can get the best out of our careers and personal time.

Coaching Level 4 - Fostering Healthy Friendships

Five sessions, 90-minutes each (No more than 10 per group)

This group will include the examination of the current issue of “friendship recession”. We will be looking at how masculine-identifying people often receive little emotional support from their masculine friends and lack vulnerability in their relationships. Everyone in this group will push themselves past these obstacles, embrace vulnerability and authenticity in their friendships to enable healthier lives. We will explore what makes a good friend, how to build trust, how to open, how to open-up and how to set healthy boundaries.  We will investigate what makes us feel cared for from a close friend and how to be there for a buddy during hardships. We will leave this experience confident in your abilities to develop deeper, more meaningful friendships.

Coaching Level 5 - Thriving in Intimate Relationships 
* Taught by Mac & Dawn McGregor

Six sessions, 90-minutes each (No more than six couples per group)

This group will begin with an exploration of love languages and communication styles to find a place of communication that is deep and honest.  We will investigate how past pain and trauma affects our relationships and we will develop strategies of healthy ways to thrive. There will be a focus on building confidence in knowing how to achieve the intimacy we desire, as couples thrive when they learn how to support one another's growth. We will discuss how to handle exploration and curiosities without feeling threatened while also giving strategies for individual and relational wellbeing.

Coaching Level 6 - The Masculine Feminist
* Taught by Mac & Dawn McGregor

Four sessions, 90-minutes each

In this workshop, we will dive into the micro and macro of being a thoughtful, effective masculine feminists. In learning how to be an ally to women and girls, we will practice supporting women in the workplace and in everyday life. This group will help work through the intricacies of expressing the self while also giving room to women and girls. We will talk about respecting boundaries, complimenting women in a healthy way, consent, how to include women in decision making processes and to honor individuality.

Coaching Level 7 - Thriving Through Life's Changes 

Four sessions, 90-minutes each

Change is the only constant that we can count on, yet most people have trouble handling it. These sessions will walk you through strategies to handle life's changes. We will cover physiological changes, mental health changes, grief, career changes, a big move or your kids leaving home, these can all be huge stressors in life. It is important to build a good life strategy otherwise it will feel totally out of control. In this group you will find support in building your own unique strategies to help you thrive when life gets difficult.

Coaching Level 8 - Using our Privilege for Good &
Being Community Minded

Four sessions, 90-minutes each

 Privilege is not a bad word. We did not choose it, but we have it. In this group we will understand how we can leverage that privilege to help others create positive change. We will discover how privilege can be a super-power when it is used to empower others.  We will focus on specific strategies around how to impact change with the privilege that you have and the reasons that allies can influence others like them to create understanding.  We will also examine how all of our lives improve when our entire communities are healthy, well-educated, safe, feel included, cared for, and thrive.