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Andy Cargile

Board of Directors

Andy has always tried to embrace equality and fairness and has been an ally to those who have been marginalized. Andy has experience closely working with trans and gender-fluid teens. In October 2013, he and his family left behind everything in the US and moved to Costa Rica for a year. They wanted to give their young adults a more global perspective by living in another country. So, they left their successful high-tech jobs, their house, their lifestyle, and their friends and went on a year-long odyssey of discovery. 


Andy grew up in a loving family with a wonderful mother and father as role models. He also grew up in a bad neighborhood and was exposed to toxic masculinity in many forms. He worked his way out and into Stanford where he discovered even more forms of toxic masculinity as well as a tribe of people who did not put up with it. As Director of Stanford United for Rape Elimination, he worked with others to confront and eliminate the insidious behavior of date rape. 


In his day job, Andy works in high-tech leadership in the education industry and has been in high-tech his entire career. He enjoys working with art to broaden peoples’ minds. He creates the interactive exhibition Aaaahz! at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival each year and he recently created an art installation piece with Sarah Takako Skinner called “Gender Fluid” for it.

Andy Cargile
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